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February 29, 2024

Makerere University Health Services (MakHS) refers to services offered by Makerere University Hospital, the Dental School and Satellite clinics at Kabanyolo and Jinja campuses. Makerere University Hospital has been in existence since 1978 and has served not only as a center for providing healthcare services but also as a center for training, research.

The Hospital is managed by Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS) and all CHS departments are reflected at the Hospital and highly supported by professionals from the College of Health Sciences (CHS). MakCHS (former Makerere Medical School) is a leading College in training, research and health care practice in Africa.


A leading healthcare organization, nationally and internationally, improving health outcomes through research, training, collaboration and innovation.


To provide the best care to every client through our personal and shared commitment to excellence in clinical practice, education, research, and innovation, while fostering our partnerships.


February 29, 2024

The Laboratory is located under the Department of Immunology and Molecular Biology at MakCHS. This facility is equipped with Shimadzu HPLC-MS/MS 8040, a versatile instrument widely employed in proteomicand multiproteomic studies. It enables the comprehensive analysis of proteins and their modifications in various sample types, including cell lysates, tissues, body fluids, protein complexes, subcellular fractions, PTM-enriched samples, clinical specimens, and even microorganisms. This powerful tool aids in uncovering.protein expression patterns, post-translational modifications, and interactions, contributing to a deeper understanding of cellular biology, disease mechanisms, and biomarker discovery across diverse biological and clinical contexts.


February 29, 2024

The NIH – Integrated Biorepository for H3Africa Uganda is a state-of-the-art facility whose ultimate goal is to develop a world class Biorepository of well annotated stored biospecimens widely available to the H3Africa Consortium, African and International researchers for genomic discovery projects. The information obtained from the genomic analysis of the samples allows researchers to develop or test new diagnostic tests, personalize treatment options, and develop new treatment methods. Over the course of this project, the Integrated Biorepository of H3Africa Uganda has developed capacity to perform biorepository services; collect/receive, process, store and ship Biospecimen as per international standards and has developed training resources in biorepository science and management. The IBRH3AU Biorepository has a well annotated collection of various Biospecimen (DNA, RNA, PBMCs, Serum, Plasma, e.t.c.) and associatedph enotypic data held at H3ABionet accessible through the NIH H3Africa data and Biospecimen accesscommittee (DBAC).

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MakBRC is a Ugandan registered Not-for-Profit Organization fully owned by Makerere University established within Makerere University College of Health Sciences.


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