Death Announcement – Prof Josephine Kasolo

January 24, 2024Global News

Death Announcement – Prof Josephine Kasolo

January 24, 2024

PROF. JOSEPHINE NAMUGANWA KASOLO. Prof Josephine Kasolo was a Mother, Doctor, Researcher, Women’s Leader, Scientist, Teacher, Enterpreneur and Community Builder and Leader. A medical doctor and lecturer at Makerere University for years, she taught thousands of doctors who have gone out to serve worldwide. A formidable and exact scientist she taught Medical physiology for years at Makerere University. She was also one of the Founder members of Association of Uganda Women Doctors (AUWMD) and acted as President when Dr Elizabeth Madraa, the leader then went to USA for studies. Dr Kasolo held a degree in Medicine and a Masters of Medicine in Physiology as well as a Ph.D in Medicine. She headed the Department of Physiology at Makerere University Medical School for many years following in the steps of Prof. Walumbe. A dynamic researcher, her work on many things changed science. She discovered the medicinal properties of Moringa and her works are documented in many scientific journals worldwide.

She even developed approved oils from Moringa that she developed to market level in a company called Jolika. Her scientifically proven Medical products like LymphatImmuneUp are sold in pharmacies in Uganda..Dr Kasolo spearheaded many grants and projects including the very impactful Safe Motherhood Iinitiative and was among the women doctors who proposed and founded the idea of a Women’s Hospital alongside colleagues like Dr Madraa, Prof. Mirembe, Dr Jane Kavuma. Dr Jane Bbosa, Dr Christine Kadama and Dr Sentumbwe Olive. Prof Kasolo was very good at resource mobilisation and wrote several proposals and received funding for many. Including for Safe Motherhood which funding was later taken over by the line Uganda Ministry of Health when it got much bigger.

The current Ministry of Health’s work in that area of safe motherhood is therefore largely built on the foundation that Dr Kasolo Josephine and her sister doctor colleagues in AUWMD initiated. The late Prof Kasolo was a very hard working lady even in her own marital home. Dr Jane Bossa and Dr Madraa who walked the journey wih her as contemporaries can testify. The loss of Prof. Josephine Namuganwa Kasolo is indeed a great loss to her family, to the Department of Physiology, to the Association of Uganda Women Doctors ( AUWMD), to the Uganda Medical Association( U.M.A), to Makerere University and to Women in Science and to Women in Health and to the Women’s Movement in Uganda Her loss is not only a loss to her family and friends but also a great loss to our Mother Country Uganda.
May her Departed Soul Rest in Eternal peace .
Dr Elizabeth Madraa Past President AUWMD, Dr Patience Atuhaire Current President AUWMD and Members of The Association of Uganda Women Doctors ( AUWMD) . 23.01.2024

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