Ag. Managing Director

Prof. Moses Joloba

Professor Moses Joloba is an infectious disease expert with a focus on pathogenesis, diagnostics and program implementation using both conventional microbiological and modern molecular approaches. In this regard, he has acquired the necessary training and skills, and he has played a leading role in the strengthening of laboratory services in Uganda and other developing countries. He has now transitioned to the application of bioinformatics and genomic technologies to advance tuberculosis research in Uganda. Initially trained as a physician and later as a Clinical Microbiologist in the United States, Moses returned to Uganda and took a faculty position at the Department of Medical Microbiology, Makerere University. During this time, he helped establish a laboratory for the Tuberculosis Research Unit (TBRU) and became its technical director and later a scientific director.

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MakBRC is a Ugandan registered Not-for-Profit Organization fully owned by Makerere University established within Makerere University College of Health Sciences.


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