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Dr. Misaki Wayengera

Dr. Misaki Wayengera is a medical doctor with graduate training across Immunology, Vaccinology, Clinical Microbiology, Filovirology and Genetics. He is member of the African Society for Human Genetics (AfSHG) & inaugural chair of the H3Africa Consortium’s Education and Coordinated Working Group (ECTWG, 2013-2016). In 2017, he was fellow of the U.S NHGRI’s International Summit in Human Genetics and Genomics.

Dr. Wayengera completed his PhD (2018) with a Thesis tiled: Exploration of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Thyimidylate kinase B cell epitopes as sero-diagnostic and culture biomarkers for rapid and easy detection of Tuberculosis [NIH/Forgarty]. His research interests center on Pathogen OMICS, with the goal of identifying new molecular targets for R & D of new diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. He is an innovator (filed 3 PCTs at URSB, ARIPO and WIPO: Ebola RDT, HIV-1 Gene Therapeutic, and next Gen TB Diagnostics), and Bio-Entrepreneur (Founder & CSO, Start-up: Restrizymes Biotherapeutics ‘U’ LTD).

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